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The Association

Asia Maior is an Italian think tank on Asia founded in 1989 by Giorgio Borsa, then the doyen of the Italian scholars working on Modern Asia. «Asia Maior» acted as an informal association up to October 2006, when it officially became a non-profit association. Its registered office is in Torino, via Campana 24; its operative office is in Rome, via Bacchiglione 3.

Asia Maior applies a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Asian contemporary affairs by making use of social, political and historical perspectives, and has been publishing an annual journal since 1990. Up to the 2004 issue, the journal was called Asia Major; beginning with the 2005-2006 double issue, the name became the same of the association, namely Asia Maior. The journal was in Italian up to the 2013 issue; the 2014 issue was partly in Italian and partly in English. Beginning with the 2015 the journal  became an all-English publication.

The think tank is governed by Council, headed by a President. Both are elected every three years. The president either acts as a Scientific Director, or choses a scholar of the highest repute to play that role. The President and the Governing Council are assisted by a Scientific Board made up by scholars of the highest repute.

The Governing Council

Michelguglielmo Torri (President & Scientific Director)
Filippo Boni
Marzia Casolari
Matteo Fumagalli
Barbara Onnis

The Scientific Board

Guido Abbattista (University of Trieste),

Domenico Amirante (University «Federico II», Naples),
Elisabetta Basile (University «La Sapienza», Rome),
Luigi Bonanate (University of Torino),
Claudio Cecchi (University «La Sapienza», Rome),
Alessandro Colombo (University of Milano),
Anton Giulio Maria de Robertis (University of Bari),
Thierry Di Costanzo (Université de Strasbourg),
Max Guderzo (Università of Siena),
Giorgio Milanetti (University «La Sapienza», Rome),
Paolo Puddinu (University of Sassari),
Adriano Rossi (University «L’Orientale», Naples),
Giuseppe Sacco (University «Roma Tre», Rome),
Guido Samarani (University «Ca’ Foscari», Venice),
Filippo Sabetti (McGill University, Montréal),
Gianni Vaggi (University of Pavia)


Statuto vigente ASIA MAIOR – Approvato il 25 novembre 2011

Giorgio Borsa

The Founder of Asia Maior

Università di Pavia

The "Cesare Bonacossa" Centre for the Study of Extra-European Peoples