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Asia Maior Vol. XXXIV / 2023

Asia in 2023: Navigating the US-China rivalry

Anno di pubblicazione: 2024
Asia Maior Vol. XXXIV / 2023


China in 2023: Stimulating Economic Recovery along with Patriotic Education

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   In 2023, the People’s Republic of China witnessed two major significant developments. Firstly, the Chinese Communist Party demonstrated a clear intention to increase Party ideological rectification through important political gatherings, institutional reforms, and the introduction of new laws. This reflected an effort by the Xi Jinping leadership […]

China in 2023: A «Global-Security-Attentive» Foreign Policy

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf This article provides an in-depth analysis of China’s foreign policy in 2023, exploring four dimensions: global security, China-United States relations, China-Russia ties, and China’s «active» approach in the Global South. 2023 witnessed an attempt to depart from China’s historical «non-interference principle», marked by the conceptual redefinition of the […]

Japan 2023: Still walking in Abe Shinzō’s footsteps

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   On the basis of a wide range of critically assessed and triangulated secondary and primary sources, including elite interviews and official documentation often in the original language, this article suggests that Japan’s domestic politics, and also its foreign and security policies, displayed a remarkable degree of continuity […]

Hong Kong 2023: The new Chinese province

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   Three years after the implementation of the National Security Law (NSL) in 2020, time is ripe to affirm that the Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China (HKSAR) has completed its full integration into the Chinese political and economic system. This article argues […]

The Philippines 2022-2023: A turbulent start for the New Era of Marcos leadership

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   This article provides a two-year analysis of events spanning the country’s leadership transition from the 2022 national elections to the initial year of the new administration. The electoral triumph of Marcos Jr. and Duterte-Carpio’s UniTeam alliance marked the resurgence of the Marcos family and the continuation of […]

Malaysia 2023: A reform agenda overshadowed by identity politics

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   In 2023, public discourse in Malaysia was dominated by identity politics, framed around the imperative of safeguarding Malaysia’s national core. These dynamics obscured the intricate interplay of geographical, socio-demographic and economic marginalization, further polarizing voter preferences across the country. Within this framework, the newly appointed unity government […]

Vietnam 2020-2023: Covid Pandemic Recovery, Unprecedented Leadership Turnover, and Continued Multilateralism

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   The years 2020-2023 in Vietnam witnessed three overarching trends. First, on the domestic front, Vietnam succeeded in managing the COVID crisis with overall net economic growth, while witnessing unprecedented change in the character of top political leadership. Second, the period saw the passage of landmark free trade […]

Cambodia 2022-2023: Securing dynastic autocracy

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   2023 was an historic year for Cambodia. Following elections widely deemed not to be fair and free, Prime Minister Hun Sen handed over power to his son Hun Manet. In doing so, he ended his 38-year premiership, and secured the transformation of Cambodia into a dynastic autocracy. […]

India 2023: Towards the general elections amid rising social tension

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf In 2023, India’s political parties started preparations ahead of the 2024 general elections. The ruling BJP banked on Narendra Modi’s enduring popularity and his virtual monopoly of India’s political scene. Particularly important was the year-long spectacle of India’s presidency of the G20, which gave the Prime Minister an […]

India 2023: Tactical wins and strategic setbacks in foreign policy?

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   India had a busy and increasingly tumultuous year in foreign policy. New Delhi played host to both the Group of 20 and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, providing opportunities to shape agendas in multiple areas of global governance and international security. It used both presidencies to showcase the […]

Nepal 2020-2023: From the Institutional Crisis to New Political Paths

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   The article analyses some of the main events in Nepal between 2020 and 2023 in order to outline the political and economic framework of the Himalayan country during the pandemic and the political-institutional crisis that led to the dissolution of the Communist Party of Nepal and the […]

Sri Lanka 2023: Wickremesinghe’s first six months between economic recovery and political uncertainty

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   The country’s effort to emerge from the economic and political crisis characterized the year under review for Sri Lanka. After long negotiations, Colombo managed to reach an agreement with international partners on financial aid, accompanied by a program of profound economic, fiscal and government reforms. These have […]

Pakistan 2023: Multiple crises in the lead-up to the general elections

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   The salient events that characterized Pakistan in the period covered in this article (January – December 2023) were the political and economic crises that occurred in the lead-up to the general elections and the postponement of these elections to 2024. Former Prime Minister, Chairman of the Pakistan […]

Afghanistan 2023: Taliban governance and international isolation

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   The year under examination was characterised by the Taliban attempts at consolidating control over Afghanistan, following a tumultuous first 18 months in power. Security has overall improved across the country but the equilibrium remains fragile. From a political standpoint, the Taliban have expanded their reach across all […]

Iran 2023: Intensified Focus on the Eastward Strategy and Ongoing Fractures in State-Society Relations

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   The Islamic Republic of Iran persists in its ambition to counterbalance the adverse effects of Western sanctions by strengthening ties with «the East» and participating in regional organizations with influential Asian countries as guiding members. A significant shift in Iran’s regional policy occurred with the agreement to […]

Special Article

The return of the ‘Indo-Pacific’

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf     This article studies the Indo-Pacific, the warm waters surrounding Asia as a concept in geography in the later part of the 19th century. It shows how the concept was refashioned in geopolitical and geocultural commentary in the earlier part of the 20th century, and then rediscovered […]


Modern Erasures: Revolution, the Civilizing Mission, and the Shaping of China’s Past

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   Pierre Fuller, Modern Erasures: Revolution, the Civilizing Mission, and the Shaping of China’s Past, New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2022, 362 pp. (ISBN9781009026512) Modern Erasures represents the culmination of the extensive research of Pierre Fuller, a prominent scholar whose primary focus has concerned Chinese political cultures, […]

A County in Manchukuo

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   Filippo Dornetti, Integrazione politica e società nella Manciuria coloniale: L’Associazione della Concordia nella Contea del Fushun, Milano: Franco Angeli, 2021, 130 pp. (ISBN 978-8-83-514620-9). Manchukuo was the puppet state created in the early 1930s by the Japanese in Manchuria. The head of the state was Puyi, the […]

On Balancing Histories Large and Small: Modern India and K.M. Panikkar

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   Mauro Elli and Rita Paolini, Indian National Identity and Foreign Policy: Re-Evaluating the Career of K.M. Panikkar (1894-1963), Cham: Palgrave Macmilllan, 2023, 270pp. (ISBN 978-3-031-36242-2). Can an individual life speak to larger historical developments? A cursory glance at the bookcase in my office that is devoted to […]

“Rivalry and Reconciliation: Charting the Middle East’s Power Dynamics between Iran and Saudi Arabia”

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf     Ibrahim Fraihat, Iran and Saudi Arabia: Taming a Chaotic Conflict, Edinburgh University Press, 2020, 248 pp. (ISBN 978-1474466189). Simon Mabon, The Struggle for Supremacy in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia and Iran, Cambridge University Press, 2023, 268 pp. (ISBN 978-1108473361). In 2023, an intriguing development occurred […]

Seeking security and trade in Asia? Obstacles and opportunities for Australia

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf   Sam Roggeveen, The Echidna Strategy, Australia’s Search for Power and Peace, Collingwood: La Trobe University Press in conjunction with Black Inc., 2023, 1+233pages (ISBN: 978174823279 ebook). Andrew Charlton, Australia’s Pivot to India, Collingwood: Black Inc., 2023, 1+311pages (ISBN: 9781743823316 ebook). Roggeveen’s The Echidna Strategy and Charlton’s Pivot […]