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Asia Maior Vol. XXIX / 2018

Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
Asia Maior Vol. XXIX / 2018


Foreword: Asia Maior in 2018. Caught between Trump’s trade and sanctions war and the internal problems of inequality and exploitation

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf The Asia Maior editors, in delineating year after year the historical trends taking shape in Asia, have highlighted with increasing emphasis a phenomenon characterising the current political and economic evolution of that part of the world, and influencing to a greater or lesser extent most Asian countries (as […]

China 2018: bringing the party back into state institutions

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf This article attempts to explain how and why the year 2018 represented a major turning point for Chinese domestic politics, characterized by the transition from a collective authoritarianism to a centralized, repressive and personalistic authoritarian leadership. It analyses the institutionalization and systematic legalization of the centralized Communist party’s […]

China’s foreign policy 2018: implementing the China Dream

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf In 2018, China’s foreign relations were dominated by the centralization of its foreign policy-making, designed to strengthen the hold of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese president himself on the decision-making system. The aim was to create a more efficient system that could better serve the interests […]

Korean peninsula 2018: the calm after the storm

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf The year 2018 represented a real turning point for the Korean peninsula. After years of increasing tension related to the North Korean nuclear and missile programme, the diplomatic process begun after Kim Jong Un’s New Year address marked a clear change from the previous decade, with consequences for […]

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