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Review. Wang Hui’s China in Twentieth Century

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf Wang Hui (edited by Saul Thomas), China’s Twentieth Century – Revolution, Retreat and the Road to Equality, London and New York, Verso Books, 2016, 361 pp. (ISBN 9781781689066) Wang Hui is certainly one of the most prominent and well-known scholars in the academic world, and one of the […]

Review. Not a community, but a multilateral institution: A Korean perspective on the East Asian International Society

동아시아 국제사회와 동아시아 상상: 한국국제정치사상 연구[Dong-asia Gugjesahoe-wa Dong-asia Sangsang: Hangug-gugje-jeongchi-sasang Yeongu] (Imagining International Society in East Asia: International Political Thought of Korean Intellectuals) /장인성 [Jang, In-Sung] – 서울: 서울대학교출판문화원 (Seoul: Seoul National University Press), 2017, 590 pp.   According to In-Sung Jang, the East Asian international society is both real and imagined. This is reflected […]

Review. Media coverage and mediatic strategies of Japanese New Religious Movements

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf Erica Baffelli, Media and New Religions in Japan, London/New York: Routledge, 2016, 191 pp.   Erica Baffelli introduces the reader to her highly engaging research book on Media and New Religions in Japan by quoting the final sentence from a commercial shown on Shibuya giant video screens related to […]

Review. Another Vision of Pakistan: Islam and Society in a South Asian Environment

Available also in pdf – Download Pdf Michel Boivin, Le Pakistan et l’Islam. Anthropologie d’une République Islamique, Paris : Téraèdre, 2015, 223 pp., (ISBN 9782360850648)   In comparison with India, Pakistan has received less extensive attention from scholars. In addition to this disadvantage, there has also been the misfortune that a large part of the research […]

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